Sections: Ft3 -Physical Wellness(hybrid) (Spring 2019 PHED-125-B71)

Physical Education 125-B71 Ft3 -Physical Wellness(hybrid)
This course is designed for the student who wants not only to improve his/her physical well-being, but also to develop academic concepts and principles of physical exercise. Emphasis will involve a balanced integration of the wellness components, including the physical, mental, social and emotional. Emphasis also will be placed on structured weekly workouts; and on developing individualized exercise prescription, including emotional support systems necessary for adhering to a long term lifestyle of exercise. This course meets the General Education competencies of Wellness (HW) and Values, Ethics, and Diverse Perspectives (VE).

Section Name: PHED-125-B71
Departments: Physical Education
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:
Credits: 2
Comments: (class meets 2 Wed; 4/16 & 4/30) either 10:30 AM or 7:00 PM) 
Books: To Be Determined