Sections: S3 - College Writing W/Engl031 (Summer 2019 ENGL-101-J30)

English 101-J30 S3 - College Writing W/Engl031
This course stresses the writing process of planning, organizing, drafting, revising, and editing multi-paragraph essays. Methods of invention, types of development, and the mechanics of effective academic composition are included as well as discussion of plagiarism and source documentation. This course meets the General Education competencies of Information Literacy (IL) and Written Communication (WC).

Section Name: ENGL-101-J30
Departments: English
Prerequisite 1: Satisfactory score on COMPASS placement test or please select one course from each line: 1. ENGL-034, ENGL-035 2. ENGL-029, ENGL-030; Prerequisite 2: TAKE 1 GROUP; # Take ENGL-029 or ENGL-030; Minimum grade C; # Take ENGL-P030;

Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:
Credits: 3
Comments: (must be taken with ENGL 031 J30) 
Books: To Be Determined